Winter Begets Spring!

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Happy Spring Eve Eve!

Spring Equinox 2019 is just two days away (March 20th at 5:58 p.m. EDT). Astronomically speaking, the sun will be directly above the Equator as the Earth’s tilt begins to point the northern hemisphere towards the sun. Spiritually speaking, a magical transition is about to go down as winter gives birth to spring. This coldest, darkest, most lifeless of the seasons delivers us into the most life-affirming one. As this shift unfolds, we find ourselves in a world of rebirth, where everything begins to blossom in the returning warmth and light.

My little clan has been hitting the beach in our winter gear almost every weekend since February, collecting crab shells, unearthing stinky forgotten oyster traps, building snowpeople, and on warmer days (anything over 40 degrees), we’re wading in the icy New England water in our tall rubber boots!!! We spent yesterday (a sunny St. Patrick’s Day) doing just this, and unexpectedly met four beautiful horses (and their riders) who were out for their own beach adventure. In the middle of winter, there are more people (and dogs, and horses) on the beach than you’d expect to find, but it’s really no wonder. We’re all drawn there for a reason. The shore is a numinous place, pulsating with energy and meaning, and just being there re-syncs us with the eternal rhythm of the cosmos. Any time of year, being in that place where land meets sea, experiencing the moon’s cycles pushing and pulling the water before us (and within us), rejuvenates us.

In the middle of winter, when we emerge from our cozy home to endure the face-numbing cold, to embrace simultaneously the harshness and the wonder of nature, we reconnect with the vital process of pure experience, and it transforms us. The frigid water reaches toward us and then pulls back across smooth sand and jagged stones, singing and rocking us with its rhythm, and the divine force of the universe flows through us; we’re rejuvenated, and we move to higher ground. We experience our own little rebirth. Such transformations are essential to my relationship with my husband, our relationship with our children, their relationship with us and with each other, and our connection to ourselves. This is when we as parents show don’t tell–the most effective way to teach (as well as to write). When we all leave like contented, tired dogs, rejuvenated, reconnected, full and satisfied, the experience forms a happiness anchor within them (as it does for us) that will one day serve to remind and to beckon them back when they need it most.

At this time of year, nature’s push out of darkness into the light to create inspires my own creative process; my transformative experiences in nature push me to explore and discover new story territory. I am hard at work every single day, inhaling and consuming the best resources to improve myself as a writer, while simultaneously exhaling and developing my story world, my characters, and their journey through their own winter into spring. I cannot wait to finally slay the dragon and claim the treasure, but in the end, the journey to her lair and the battle itself will shimmer as the most valuable treasure of all!

As we all step out and feel that burgeoning sun on our faces, I hope the springtime push to create delivers you to epic places! Happy reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, planting, building, renovating, exploring!