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I am SOOOO excited to share my first novel Strega with you!!! Within its pages, you’ll find a lifetime of imagination, inspiration, and my greatest passion fulfilled! It took me 3+ years of research, writing, editing, and involved lots of late nights, takeout & delivery, and gym-membership neglect. And it was one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on!

Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! The first installment of the Strega Series is available NOW!

Strega (Book I)

Strega (Book I)

Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 0615897746
ISBN: 9780615897745
Our kind has existed since long before the Roman Empire. Despite two-thousand years of persecution, generations of us have hunted in the shadows, determined to stop an ages-old enemy from destroying humankind. We are the Strega of ancient Etruria—the world’s first witches. Until a few days ago, I knew none of this. I was just a girl mourning the tragic loss of my family, and dreading my senior year. I want to run, but I can’t escape the truth. Demons are coming for me, and they won’t rest until I’m dead.
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About the Book

When high school senior Alainn Jay finds her grandmother brutally murdered in their small-town home, the scar left by the death of her parents years earlier is ripped open. She is devastated, but she is not nearly as terrified as she should be. Jay is a Strega. Like her mother and grandmother, she is a descendant of the original Strega of ancient Etruria—gifted women of the woods bestowed with godly power, and the world’s first witches. With the truth withheld from her all her life, Jay is blindsided when her power is unbound. Demons are coming for her. They killed the people she loved most to get to her, and they won’t rest until she is dead. Forced to embrace her identity if only to survive, Jay uncovers a past life when her ruthless enemy’s hatred for her was born, and she rediscovers an eternal love that has burned throughout lifetimes. Fighting for her life, she is drawn back into an ancient battle between the virtuous and the wicked that threatens to destroy her and all of humankind.

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