FAQs are up!!!

Posted on Jan 10, 2014

Hi all!

My FAQs page is finally up!

Writing a book is such a major process that involves all your resources–mental, physical, and emotional to name a few. But it would be really easy for me to just trudge on with planning my seven-book series, writing and editing Book I of that series, and forget to acknowledge all that has gone into it. Answering these questions was fun, therapeutic, and has also reminded me of a valuable lesson: we should always reflect on our accomplishments, acknowledge our hard work, rediscover all the highlights, and swim in them for a bit as we celebrate small goals and major milestones!!!!!

If you’re interested in diving a little deeper into my novel-writing process, check out my new FAQs! And please share your own insights and experiences in the comments section below.

Happy reading and novel writing!

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Durston/Flickr.


  1. A truly motivated author that is genuine in her compassion to fascinate herself and all her readers. It’s like seeing a tip of an iceberg full of unimaginable talent..

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    • Thank you John! That was such a nice thing to say. I really appreciate your support!!!!!

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